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The Sacred Well

Virgin of Guadalupe Spray

Virgin of Guadalupe Spray

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Virgin of Guadalupe

Spirit of Miracles. She offers solutions when all paths seem blocked, when all visions seem clouded. She holds open her arms to the forgotten, displaced, and dismissed without question. She shines a light of hope in situations that seem hopeless. Let her help you remember how magical you are, and accept her support when you are making miracles happen for others. Notes of wild rose, musk, and spice.

 The Madonna Essences are a set of 7 rose-based mists that  faces of the Divine Mother. Created in 7 days during the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple’s annual Madonna Holy Week in June 2021, these scents answer the heart’s call for beauty as a way of healing and empowerment. Each bottle contains rose quartz crystals, a blend of essential and perfume oils, organic spirits to preserve the scent, and pure mountain spring water. Each is designed to invoke the Divine Mother and her magic, and to support you as you walk your sacred path.

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