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For over 20 years, Yeshe Matthews has created unique ceremonies for individuals and groups, including meditation sessions, rites of passage, weddings and unions, baby blessings, memorials, and personal rituals. If you are coming to Mt Shasta on your own or with a group, and you would like to invite Yeshe to create something special for you, please use the Contact form below to get in touch. You might also be interested in connecting with the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple for spiritual community, classes, pilgrimages to sacred sites, and monthly rituals and ceremonies.

Purification Ceremony

Whether you have been through a traumatic experience, a conflict, a break-up, a challenging time, or if you feel like there is an energetic blockage or obstacle weighing you down, Yeshe can perform a ceremony to help clear the energy, lift your spirits, and set things back on the right track. After performing a cleansing ritual with prayer, smoke offerings, and other traditional methods, she will offer you a brief divination with guidance to help you make the most of your ceremony and move forward with grace and a lighter heart.

$95-125 sliding scale


Personal or Small Group Ceremony

If you have recently marked a rite of passage in your life, if there is a new phase of growth beginning, if you’d like to make a dedication to a path of spiritual devotion, or if you would like a facilitated shamanic journey experience, Yeshe can work with you to create a ceremony to help you mark the occasion and to catalyze your next steps along the path of life. Working within your structure of belief, Yeshe will design a ritual that can help you integrate an experience, commit to a journey of self-discovery, or acknowledge a significant transformation. She will include meaningful symbols and activities that are relevant to you, and hold the ceremony in a sacred location that supports the ceremony’s expression. If you work with Yeshe to create your ceremony, it will include a discovery meeting to discuss your needs and preferences and the ceremony itself.

$145-250 sliding scale


Wedding/Handfasting/Union Ceremony

Yeshe has performed dozens of weddings and commitment ceremonies, everything from intimate elopements to huge cathedral-style gatherings. Her weddings help people create spectacular moments of heart connection, whether in the witness of family and friends or simply in the presence of nature. If you book Yeshe as your wedding celebrant, you can expect an incredibly special ceremony with space for the things that matter most to you, including everything from ring exchanges to blessing of your marriage with the powers of the elements, handfasting with a blessed cord, the lighting of sacred flames, the inclusion of music, poetry, or quotes that are meaningful to you, invocation of your benevolent ancestors, help with writing your vows, and invitation for attendees to participate in offering the blessing. Together, you and Yeshe will co-create the language and activities that make your commitment truly unique. Working with Yeshe as a celebrant involves a pre-wedding meeting to discuss your needs and preferences, the ceremony editorial process, a rehearsal, and the ceremony itself.

$250-500 sliding scale

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Please use our Contact form to reach out and discuss your ceremonial needs, then you and Yeshe can begin planning your experience. It is a privilege to serve you with sacred ceremonies that help you shift energy, acknowledge transformations, unite you in love, and mark powerful moments in your life.

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