Priestess Yeshe at the Temple of Aphrodisias, Turkiye

Yeshe Matthews has been a professional spiritual guide since 2003, performing over 15,000 divinations. A scholar of world religions, a pathwalker of mystic wisdom, and an experienced oracle, she is sought internationally for her direct, accurate, compassionate, and specific guidance. A session with Yeshe Matthews is more than a mere consultation: it’s a perspective shift, a roadmap, and a blessing of confidence that you can handle whatever life has thrown your way. She helps you interpret your own cosmic messages with explorations and discussion, working with archetypes, tarot cards, beeswax, Mongolian sheep bones, Tibetan dice, and her intuition. With a Master’s Degree in Women’s History and a lifelong devotional practice, she serves as a Priestess and Sibyl of the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple


"I received my New Year’s card reading with Yeshe. Her insight was so helpful and reassuring. Later after much meditation, I understood how to apply her message and started to make my plans. I had been unsatisfied with the direction my life was going. I patiently worked toward my goal. It took a bit of planning, scheduling and saving to get there but I stuck it out. She was always available for a little encouragement. I can happily say that I accomplished my goal." -Jennifer

“Yeshe’s readings and guidance make my unconventional life possible. She hears and understands me, and when I explain myself to her I feel understood and able to understand myself better. Life can be uncertain and mysterious but I feel held in the mystery with Yeshe’s help. She is so warm and illuminating, nonjudgmental and sincerely caring—I feel empowered in life with her in my corner. We’ve worked together now for quite a few years, and as our relationship deepens, I feel a sacred symbiosis. I know that even if we aren’t in touch, she is thinking of me and I think of her. I am always in awe of her powerful and clear voice. She is a sacred person to me and my husband, and our lives’ compass is steered so sweetly with her assistance. I am grateful.” - Eva, CA

"I was originally referred to Yeshe for a reading in 2015, by two different individuals who did not know each other. I had suffered a series of devastating losses, and was in search of guidance and support. The reading Yeshe gave me was so insightful and profound, it made me look at my life from a perspective that I never would have seen without her help. Yeshe didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear—she told me what I needed to hear, advice and perspective that I still turn to when I feel lost. She became my teacher when I signed up for her Tarot reading class, and the skills she taught me have allowed me not only to tap into my own intuition to support myself, but also to help others gain perspective on their own lives. To say my life would be different without her is a vast understatement. I cannot say enough about her as a reader and educator, but most importantly I value her as a friend, a compassionate and trustworthy confidante." -Julie