Collection: Candle Rituals

At The Sacred Well, we are dedicated to supporting your joy, protection, and well-being. We create candle rituals to help you in all areas of life, whether you need extra energy, protection, or positive intervention, The Sacred Well will set a candle to burn on our altar for you so that you can relax and let magic do its thing.

When you add one of our candle services to your shopping cart, you will be invited to send us a message about your needs and intentions for your candle. Once you check out, we will set the light and burn the midnight oil for you, so you can enjoy peace of mind as the candle works on your goal. We will work with you to create powerful intentions and successful outcomes! We set new candles every month at the Full and Dark Moons. When your candle starts, and when it is finished, we will send you photos along with an interpretation of the candle outcome. We have burned thousands of candles over the years for happy customers!