Priestess Yeshe and her husband Albert

Since 2006, we've followed our dreams, starting out as a small private practice in a Berkeley office, growing over a decade into a beautiful retail shop.

We are based in Dunsmuir, CA with the beauty of nature and the excitement of thousands of annual spiritual pilgrims to Mt Shasta. Our store serves as the gift shop and gathering place for the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple. We thrive when we are exploring the world and making connections with fellow mystic travelers, and we bring that spirit to our work with products you won’t find anywhere else, world-class readings, and spiritual travel opportunities.

The Sacred Well shop at 5816 Dunsmuir Ave in Dunsmuir, CA, specializes in:

skillful, experienced, and caring intuitive readings

spiritual pilgrimages to help you access the magic within

ethically-sourced crystals from small family mines

beautiful jewelry

luscious, handmade perfumes and self-care products

herbal remedies for healing

We roll out new products, classes, and services as creativity moves us and new ideas manifest. Follow our Instagram or sign up for our newsletter below to keep track of our latest online sales, pop-up shops, classes, readings, and events.

Our Values

We build relationships. Our business has flourished for over a decade because we build caring relationships with our customers, vendors, and artists. We treat people with dignity, respect, and consideration for their needs, and we put special effort into our work with you.

We love it here. We choose to be here, with commitment to our community. Dunsmuir and Siskiyou County are our home. We employ locals, and we care about the natural landscape, the sovereignty of the many local indigenous peoples, and the residents in this region. We work to help protect the clean, fresh water here, and we love to share our enthusiasm for our quaint little town of Dunsmuir with visitors who treat it kindly.

We source ethically. We carry organically-farmed and ethically-harvested herbs that have been gathered with the proper protocols to protect the plant. We work with small family stone mining businesses, and minimize sourcing from large corporate suppliers. Our candles come from a family of spiritual practitioners. We feature the work of local artists and craftspeople, as well as fair trade goods. We use recycled packaging, compostable cups, and organic herbs, and we avoid plastic and styrofoam as often as possible.

We price our goods fairly. Our pricing reflects fair treatment for both our suppliers and our customers. We pay artists and craftspeople what they deserve, and our customers receive great value with special, high-energy products they can afford.

We care about something more important than money. When we moved to Siskiyou County, we first made a list of all the things we wanted to do here that were more important to us than a paycheck. Of course we need to survive, like anyone else, but our primary motivation in all that we do at The Sacred Well is the freedom to make a living according to our values, and to dedicate our work for the benefit of all beings.

Thank you for being part of The Sacred Well journey. We welcome you to come see how good it feels when love leads the way for a small, caring group of artists and creatives.


"I received my New Year’s card reading with Yeshe. Her insight was so helpful and reassuring. Later after much meditation, I understood how to apply her message and started to make my plans. I had been unsatisfied with the direction my life was going. I patiently worked toward my goal. It took a bit of planning, scheduling and saving to get there but I stuck it out. She was always available for a little encouragement. I can happily say that I accomplished my goal." -Jennifer

“Yeshe’s readings and guidance make my unconventional life possible. She hears and understands me, and when I explain myself to her I feel understood and able to understand myself better. Life can be uncertain and mysterious but I feel held in the mystery with Yeshe’s help. She is so warm and illuminating, nonjudgmental and sincerely caring—I feel empowered in life with her in my corner. We’ve worked together now for quite a few years, and as our relationship deepens, I feel a sacred symbiosis. I know that even if we aren’t in touch, she is thinking of me and I think of her. I am always in awe of her powerful and clear voice. She is a sacred person to me and my husband, and our lives’ compass is steered so sweetly with her assistance. I am grateful.” - Eva, CA

"I was originally referred to Yeshe for a reading in 2015, by two different individuals who did not know each other. I had suffered a series of devastating losses, and was in search of guidance and support. The reading Yeshe gave me was so insightful and profound, it made me look at my life from a perspective that I never would have seen without her help. Yeshe didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear—she told me what I needed to hear, advice and perspective that I still turn to when I feel lost. She became my teacher when I signed up for her Tarot reading class, and the skills she taught me have allowed me not only to tap into my own intuition to support myself, but also to help others gain perspective on their own lives. To say my life would be different without her is a vast understatement. I cannot say enough about her as a reader and educator, but most importantly I value her as a friend, a compassionate and trustworthy confidante." -Julie