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The Sacred Well

Rose Quartz Facial Mist

Rose Quartz Facial Mist

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Trust us, these tonic sprays are THE BEST THING to perk up your skin on hot summer days! Each delicious 2 oz bottle is handmade with pure water gathered from the base of Mt Shasta, witch hazel, organic cane spirits, crystals, and essential oils. 

Rose Quartz: When skin shows heat or chemical irritation, tired circles under eyes, stress, or lack of sleep, this tonic will brighten, tighten, and smooth things over. Works really well after moisturizer and before make-up application, or use it without make-up to keep your skin fresh and dewy throughout the day.

These affordable, all-natural facial tonic sprays are so gentle, yet so potent, they might just replace harsher, costlier chemical preparations and toners as part of your beauty routine.

There are crystals in every bottle- shake well then spritz away! Pro-tip: get two and keep one in your purse and one in the fridge.

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