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The Sacred Well

Pennies From Heaven Spray

Pennies From Heaven Spray

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Witch Washes are a powerful addition to your spiritual purification routine, to help you bust up stagnant energy, attract your desires, cleanse stale vibes, and freshen your home, body, and magical objects.

These concentrated spiritual washes are made from holy water gathered from the base of Mt Shasta and sacred scents using traditional and innovative ingredients. You can:

  • pour some Witch Wash into your bath
  • spritz some on a damp washcloth for your hands, head, or feet
  • dab it on as a cologne
  • add a few drops to your mop or laundry water
  • spray yourself, your space, cleanse your crystals and magical objects

Pennies From Heaven attracts money in a hurry.

Shake well before using. Colors are from washable food-grade ingredients, but please do not add to white laundry to avoid staining.

Happy cleansing!

Witch Washes are a blend of holy water and cologne. For external use only; do not ingest. Avoid eyes.
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