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The Sacred Well

I am Cosmic Stardust Book

I am Cosmic Stardust Book

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This journey is a remembrance of who you are as a cosmic infinite soul. A connection back to source as you are made up of stardust. This transmission is created to activate your lightbody as you truly remember who you are.

Roxy Ghoraishy is a mystic mama, a facilitator of sacred ceremony, a quantum sound alchemist, an intuitive channel, and a divine feminine teacher sharing ancient teachings for the modern mystic. She is the creatrix of the ‘Modern School of Mystics’ which is a new earth academy + holistic and wellness transformational retreat center located in the heart of Mount Shasta supporting the awakening and evolution of consciousness through bringing forth the teachings of the ‘new earth’. She mentors initiates and host retreats worldwide at sacred sites, supporting the awakening of one’s inner soul light, and galactic DNA which brings acceleration of one’s highest timeline to live a life of purpose to fulfill one’s dharma.

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