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The Sacred Well

Her Golden Orchid Oil

Her Golden Orchid Oil

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Her Golden Orchid: Inspired by Kuan Yin, this scent wraps itself around you like a hug made of flowers. The sweet, soft edges of the scent evoke the sacred lotus pond in which floats a single, perfect blossom, or the ancient forest glade where you will find one, tiny, fragrant wild orchid. Wear this devotional fragrance to bring compassion and kindness into your meditation, and in to your life. The ideal life is one where meditation has no beginning and no end.

Step into the Temple and receive a blessing from the Goddesses with The Sacred Well’s line of anointing oils. These essential oil and perfume blends have been developed with specific energies and purposes by an experienced potions priestess over a period of 15 years. Every unique scent relates to a different goddess, her personality, and the gifts she shares with the world. Each vial is individually prepared and handmade, incorporating the highest-quality scents, gold flakes, crystals, and herbs in a beautiful and convenient frosted glass roll-on bottle.

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