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The Sacred Well

Her Ancient Mysteries Spray

Her Ancient Mysteries Spray

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Her Ancient Mysteries: Inspired by the Deer Mother of Old Europe, whose antlers reach to heaven and kiss the stars, whose feet delicately carve the trods and pathways of the countryside. The Deer Mother is Earth’s wisdom incarnate, and she protects those she loves. Her liquid eyes gaze upon your smile when you inhale the aroma of her perfume: clary sage, lemongrass, and oak moss.

The Sacred Well offers Magical Mists as a complement to our line of Goddess oils and perfumes. Each bottle contains a blend of scent, organic cane alcohol, crystals, and pure mountain spring water gathered with reverence during important astrological times.

For the sake of depth, complexity, and durability, you can layer these mists with your perfume oils. Follow a single scent profile, or mix and match for a combination of magical purposes. The Mists are also just delicious enough to wear on their own. A bottle fits perfectly in your purse and you can create sacred space with a quick spritz, allowing the scent to define the edges between the visible and unseen worlds.

Our Magical Mist scents are the same as our oil blends by the same name.

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