Power Powders

Power Powders


Shake, shake, shake that magic!

These finely-ground herbal Power Powders come in a convenient shaker-top glass bottle so that you can easily sprinkle them:

in your shoes so that every step you take is blessed

along your path to attract what you desire

in someone else’s path to share the blessings

between your mattress and boxspring

in your drawer, purse, or wallet

on the floor or carpet, then swept or vacuumed (go easy if using a vacuum - a little goes a long way)

under the floor mats of your car

under your desk at the office

anywhere you need a power boost

There are four flavors to help you with life’s common needs:

Calm Down brings peace to you, your home or surroundings

Lucky in Love calls in or spices things up with that special somebody

Pennies From Heaven attracts money in a hurry

Spirits I Need You calls in protection and help from benevolent ancestors, guardians, and guides

Happy sprinkling!

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