Painted Lapis Ganesha

Painted Lapis Ganesha


The royalty of lapis lazuli meets the majesty of Lord Ganesha, who dissolves all obstacles and opens new pathways of opportunity. This stone sculpture is hand-carved and embellished with natural pigments by artisans in India. On his back is a double dorje symbol, sending his power in all directions. This special piece would be fantastic to bless a new business or family venture, and it would make a perfect wedding gift as well. Lapis lazuli is known for:



opening the higher senses

drawing wealth


visionary states

commanding respect


Lapis was used in ancient times as medicine from China to India to Egypt, and it was said to be a stone worn by high priestesses and high priests who were performing significant rituals to benefit the entire community. Place this epic statue near your family altar or the entrance of the home to generate blessings for all.

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