Nebraska Agate Dipper

Nebraska Agate Dipper


We are in love with these hand-polished pieces from Nebraska, lovingly shaped by one of our favorite vendors. This native agate is gorgeous, with swirling dark grey-blue center and light white and grey at the edges. It has a somewhat mossy effect, but it's not quite the same as moss agate- it's got a look all its own. The smooth surface feels so good in the hand. Agate is a member of the chalcedony family, and is said to help with:

uplifting emotions

improving attitude

positive energy

abundance and manifestation of goals

communing with nature spirits and devas

good harvest and garden

One of these pieces would make a great talisman to help you with bringing more joy into your life, growing your prosperity, and encouraging growth and creativity. We will select one for you, or you can leave us a note at checkout if there is one you like best.

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