Natural Citrine Tumbles

Natural Citrine Tumbles

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The subtle golden hue of these Natural Citrine is hard to capture, but once you have one in your hand you will be able to feel the strong Sun energy within it. Perfectly sized for a crystal pouch or your pocket, these tumbled Citrine stones will help cultivate prosperity and cleanse negativity. The pieces are exactly the ones pictured in the photos: ripe, juicy, smooth bubbles of power. They are not dyed nor heat-treated. Citrine is used for:

-drawing wealth

-manifesting opportunities

-improving mood and happiness

-cleansing and releasing negative energy

-courage and confidence

-cleansing other stones and crystals

-protecting money and investments

Pick up a couple of these citrine pieces and stash them in your pocket, your car, your desk, your purse or gym bag, and anywhere else you might need a little burst of energy and light in your life.

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