Natural Citrine Points

Natural Citrine Points

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Citrine is one of the most powerful crystal allies for abundance, prosperity, joy, cleansing, and confidence. If you've lost your mojo, citrine can help you get it back. If you feel down, citrine can help pick you up again. If you need an influx of cash or a new career opportunity, citrine is a workhorse that is on your team. These gorgeous natural points come from a small, women-owned family mine in the Congo. They have not been neat-treated, dyed, or irradiated, so they have their natural pale golden color intact. Citrine can help with:

finding, receiving, or reclaiming money

new job or renewed productivity


Solar Plexus Chakra work



cleansing and release of negativity

Purchase one of these beautiful piece of hand-polished citrine and keep it at your desk at work, in your purse or pocket, or anywhere else you need an extra burst of energy. You can also place citrine with your other stones and it will automatically cleanse them. A real powerhouse stone!

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