Matte Finish Fluorite Temple Point

Matte Finish Fluorite Temple Point

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This is such an incredible piece of fluorite! Instead of the usual flat or jagged striations of color, this piece is swirled. It looks as if it were made of magical liquid, poured into an obelisk-shaped flask. The whole piece has a matte texture, which reveals even more subtle movement within this epic stone. Fluorite is said to assist with:

-mental calm


-bringing peace to stressful situations

-enhancing memory and recall

-third eye chakra work

-mental alertness

-clear perception of people and situations

-stress relief

This special temple point is really worthy of display where it will be seen and experienced. Let it bring calm to your home from its own place on the mantle, or keep it on your desk as a conversation piece. Only you will know that it’s actually your secret to productivity and focus!

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