Larimar Cabochon: Jewelry-ready

Larimar Cabochon: Jewelry-ready

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This gorgeous piece of Larimar is 24 grams of pure oceanic bliss. It’s cut as a cabochon, ready to be set in silver or woven into a basket setting, but it can also just be carried, held, or placed at the center of a crystal grid. Larimar is found in one place on earth: Hispañola (the Dominican Republic). This beautiful stone is known for:

psychic work

communication with angels and spirit guides

connection with the sea

invoking the ocean goddess

deep healing and release of trauma

opening of the 3rd eye

connecting with the higher self

You will not regret bringing this magical stone into your life. A good jewelry artist can make something perfect for you, or you can just enjoy it in its gentle-shaped state.

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