Kyanite & Ruby in Fuchsite Sphere

Kyanite & Ruby in Fuchsite Sphere


When we saw this sphere, we would hardly believe our eyes. It is a perfect half-and-half with ruby in kyanite on one side, ruby in fuchsite on the other. A powerful combination of stone allies!

Ruby in Kyanite is great for cleansing, throat-chakra-clearing, courage, wisdom in relationships and business, reducing stress, making intense energies serve helpful purposes, dispelling negativity, and communication.

Ruby in Fuchsite is beneficial for heart-chakra-clearing, creativity, sensitivity, empathy, psychic development, positive outlook, and generosity of spirit. It clears the crown of negative attachments and allows your personal power to emerge.

This sphere is large and heavy- it sits well in the hand but will also make a stunning addition to a crystal display. Set it in a sunny spot where you can really see the play of color and the distinct rubies in the matrix!

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