Holy Land Tibetan Incense

Holy Land Tibetan Incense


All natural, high quality, handmade traditional incense from Tibet is now available at The Sacred Well, and we are so happy about it! We know the family who makes this incense. One brother runs a Tibetan travel and pilgrimage business in Lhasa, another owns an incense and prayer flag business, and yet another one is the father of a reincarnated Buddhist master. Their parents live in a home built of natural materials high on the Tibetan plateau.

In the spring and summer, when the herbs are fresh and fragrant, the family goes up into the mountains to harvest the ingredients by hand. They lay the herbs to dry, grind them to powder, and roll the incense into stick form. Each stick features 13 ingredients known for centuries to purify and improve the mind, body, and spirit of the practitioner who burns this offering.

Our spiritual teacher and friend translated the list of ingredients for this incense, and her direct translation is featured in one of our product photos here. The ingredients include: white and red sandalwood, rhododendron, saffron, juniper, spikenard, nutmeg, clove, cubeb berries, cardamom, and others. There is no stick at the center of this incense, nor any chemical binding agents- it is held together by bamboo pitch.

Typically, incense like this is burned in a metal-lined decorative box, like the one we have pictured here. However, you can also put rice in the bottom of a tall drinking glass or a shallow bowl, and stand an incense stick straight up in the rice if you don’t have a traditional Tibetan burner.

The fragrance of this incense when it burns is incredibly beautiful and natural. Healing, purifying, and clarifying, it is considered medicinal and spiritually beneficial in Tibet to make an offering of this type of incense every day.

We purchased this incense directly from the family who makes it, it was brought by hand from Tibet, and a portion of all sales will go to support the nuns and the temple at the birthplace of Yeshe Tsogyal, Tibet’s first female Buddhist master. Tashi delek!

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