Handmade Porphyry Necklace

Handmade Porphyry Necklace


Really amazing Porphyry heart, a mixture of basalt and feldspar. In the mandala an etherial glowing Prehnite stone, right above the heart is a sweet Peridot. This is a earthy rustic piece, magical and feels great to hold. Wonderful to wear. One of kind statement piece made by Madrone Jack.

Porphyry: Porphyry connects us with the earth and makes us more aware of the ancient that is present in all of us. Like a snowflake, its unique patterns make each gemstone beautiful and unique. Wear Porphyry to remind yourself of your own unique beauty. At the same time you'll reveal something of your inner beauty to others, subtly and mysteriously through the gemstone you're wearing.

Green Prehnite: This stone has primarily become associated with memory and divination. If improving your skills in either of these two fields is of interest to you, then this stone will be worth trying. You can use Prehnite to improve memory by invoking the third eye chakra, or use it as a central point for meditations to help clear your mind and make it ready to receive and store new information. This stone helps you to connect to beings on the higher spiritual planes, and enhances spiritual growth. This lovely stone has an energy that helps you to be prepared. It enhances precognition or prior knowledge of an event, and the gift of prophecy. By its action of linking your heart with your will, by its vibration within the solar plexus, it assists you to live life from a heart based perspective.

Peridot: Peridot is an extraordinary crystal for healing the emotional body and resolving matters of the heart. It cleanses and heals hurt feelings and “bruised egos,” lessening anger, jealousy, resentment and spite, while teaching one to understand that holding onto people, or the past, is counterproductive to one’s growth. 

Necklace length 17 inches. Comes gift wrapped.

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