Bee Beautiful Facial Masques

Bee Beautiful Facial Masques


Delicious and nutritious…like food for your skin! Each of these long-lasting powder masques is made with all-natural ingredients that nourish your face. The handmade powders are beautifully packaged in recyclable glass jars, and can be mixed with liquid in small amounts to create one masque at a time. No more dried-out plastic tubes of useless product sitting in your medicine cabinet or fridge that have to be thrown out! The ingredients in these masques have been carefully selected, finely-ground into a light powder, and hand-blended to suit a variety of skin types and needs.

Bee Goddess Humectant Masque: our most popular skin care product- fit for a queen! The lush ingredients in this masque will gently plump up and firm dry skin without leaving it greasy or tight. The secret in this masque is whispered by the bees: powdered pollen, honey, coconut pulp, and nopal cactus work together with soothing lavender for a smooth, soft, radiant complexion.

Sun Goddess Purifying Masque: Exposure to fluorescent lights, summer heat, make-up, sunscreen, smoke from bonfires, exhaust from cars, and city grit can make your face feel like a dull, oily dumping ground. This masque uses powdered orange peel, witch hazel, apple cider vinegar, and honey blended with pink grapefruit to slough off dead skin cells, open pores, and brighten the complexion for a beautiful, healthy glow.

Garden Goddess Nourishing Masque: This one is great for all skin types, bringing vitamins and minerals to feed hungry skin cells. It’s like a serving of fruits and veggies for your face! Powdered kale, apple, honey, rice, and fenugreek gently detoxify, drawing out impurities and introducing necessary nutrients. Your skin is in for a full meal, and it will be soft and supple afterwards, with a faint scent of floral petit grain.

All of The Sacred Well masques are gluten-free, vegetarian, and made with the highest-quality ingredients. They are suitable for sensitive skin, teen skin, and elder skin. Mix one teaspoon of the masque with water, or with one of the suggested liquids below, to make a paste. Apply, let dry, and wash off with warm water, followed by a cool water rinse.

If your skin tends to be oily, you can use apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to mix an oil-busting paste.

If your skin is dry, try mixing your masque with yogurt, milk, or warm coconut oil for maximum softness. Mixing the masque with oil means it won’t dry or harden completely before you wash it off, so don’t worry if it stays moist- that’s the point!

Any type of skin will benefit from mixing these masques with honey, mashed avocado, or mashed banana. The fruit acids act gently to remove layers of build-up, revealing a fresh, shining complexion.

These natural powders can be mixed to varying consistencies- if you like a masque to be creamier, add more liquid. For a thick paste to apply to problem areas, use less liquid.

Each of these masques has unique ingredients that bring rich, red blood to the surface of the skin. Red blood cells carry nutrients and remove wastes and impurities. Don’t be surprised if your skin turns warm and pink when you rinse off your masque. It means it’s doing its job! The healthy flush may last up to 15 minutes. Then, the afterglow is your reward!

Pro-tip: these masques can also double as cleansing, exfoliating daily facial washes. Sprinkle a few grains in the palm of your wet hands, rub on face, and rinse thoroughly. Honestly, it might be the only cleanser/masque you need!

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