Dow Master Trans-Channeller Lemurian Quartz

Dow Master Trans-Channeller Lemurian Quartz


This is a beautiful specimen of one of the rarest crystals we have ever seen: a Dow Master Trans-Channeller Lemurian Quartz.

First of all, it’s the size of your head. Just wow!

Second, it has a perfect crown of windows in the 7-3-7-3-7-3 configuration characteristic of the Dow Trans-Channeller crystals.

Third, this is a legacy stone. It has been in the “crystal family” for at least 30 years and has been part of a private collection that travelled around and assisted people with healing and realisation in the Mt Shasta region.

Dow Master Trans-Channeller crystals are teachers. They facilitate your connection to source, wisdom, and the ascended masters. They are stones of enlightenment, alignment, and universal truth. They beam healing light in all directions and toward all circumstances, balancing the chakras, opening minds and hearts, and gently removing negative energies and obstacles. This is a stone that deserves to be treated with deep respect. Serious inquiries please send a direct message to us.

Treat this stone like an honoured elder, and see how it blesses your life. The photos don’t capture it, but it’s FULL of rainbows. If you’d like us to send further photos or video, text us at (510) 355-7912 and we will send them along.

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