Goddess Oils

Goddess Oils


Step into the Temple and receive a blessing from the Goddesses with The Sacred Well’s line of anointing oils. These essential oil and perfume blends have been developed with specific energies and purposes by an experienced potions priestess over a period of 15 years. Every unique scent relates to a different goddess, her personality, and the gifts she shares with the world. Each vial is individually prepared and handmade, incorporating the highest-quality scents, gold flakes, crystals, and herbs in a beautiful and convenient frosted glass roll-on bottle.

Many of you have written to us to ask, “Where can I find Way of the Rabbit and Sacred Well oils and sprays?” Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered! Several of our signature scents have been incorporated into this new line. We’ve listed these by their former names where applicable below so that you can find them. Take a walk through the garden of our new Goddess oils and see who is calling you:

Her Divine Embrace: inspired by Oshun, this scent is a walk along a sunny river in the middle of a forest, wearing nothing but your own swaying hips and sweetness. Use this perfume to attract the right kind of romantic attention and to create delight in your relationships and your life. Notes of patchouli, chocolate, and sweet orange with a hint of spice. Looking for Way of the Rabbit Oshun oil? This is it.

Her Sparkling Crown: inspired by Isis. A sparkling, refreshing blend that awakens the inner queen and empowers the wearer. Isis bestows the gifts of sovereignty, magic, and personal authority. Wear this oil when you need to take charge and make a miracle happen. Notes of musk, neroli, amber, and citrus. Looking for Way of the Rabbit Isis oil? This is it.

Her Inner Compass: inspired by Hekate. You have a quiet, powerful voice within that can lead you to wisdom and rebirth. In order to cross the threshold of transformation, you must learn to listen to her. Wear this perfume to help you find your way through times of confusion, or when you are working as healer or guide for others. Notes of grapefruit, petit grain, honeysuckle, and lavender. Looking for Way of the Rabbit Hekate oil? This is it.

Her Wild Grace: inspired by The Black Madonna. This blend is the first one we ever brewed as a signature scent 12 years ago, back when we were in our first tiny space in Berkeley, and it remains our most popular perfume. Sweet notes of orange warmed by cinnamon and musk have inspired devotion and holy experiences for those who have worn it for over a decade. Looking for Way of the Rabbit High Priestess oil? This is it.

Her Subtle Sorcery: inspired by Prajnaparamita, Mother of the Buddhas. As silent and present as a mist, as mysterious as a black hole, as miraculous as a heartbeat…this is a perfume for someone whose every breath is conjure, who can make herself invisible at will. Notes of lemongrass, litsea, and…what is that? I can’t quite put my finger on it… Keep them guessing. Looking for Way of the Rabbit Shaman Song oil? This is it.

Her Nights of Pleasure: inspired by Aphrodite. Have you ever been told you smelled good enough to eat? When you put on this perfume you will exude layer after delicious layer of vanilla, chocolate, amber, and earthy smoke. Could your sweetie be hungry for you in a whole new way? Find out. New item!

Her Obsidian Dagger: inspired by Santa Muerte. Wherever you go, she enfolds you in her long black robes. Her skeletal hand rests on your shoulder and guides you out of harm’s way. She lifts her veil and you glimpse eternity. There is nothing she cannot do. Secreted in her cloak she carries a black blade made from volcanic glass. What do you possibly have to fear when she walks with you always and commands worlds? A sharp, crisp scent that has unisex appeal. New item!

Her Love Everlasting: inspired by Kali. To cowards, she is destruction and peril. To the wise and brave, she is the gentlest of mothers. Fierce Kali Maa trails a cloud of rose and sandalwood perfume as she passes through your life, whirling, dancing, laughing, and cutting away your delusions. Be ready to learn the true meaning of love, something deeper than mere emotion, when you wear this oil. New item!

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