Chevron Amethyst Partial Polished Point

Chevron Amethyst Partial Polished Point


This massive amethyst point must be seen to be believed! A perfect chevron formation points the way like a shining arrow toward your healing, intuitive growth, transformation, and inner peace. The bottom portion is left rough and unpolished so that you can see how perfectly it was formed by nature. The heft of the stone is significant, yet it fits easily and naturally in the hand. Amethyst has a long association with:

healing a broken heart


amplification of psychic gifts

warding off nightmares and spirit invasion

relief from addiction and compulsive behaviors

creating inner peace

developing intuition

The unique shape of this piece means that it can be held like a wand to direct the energy, or rested at the center of the chest if you are lying on your back to stimulate the chakras and life force. Don’t let this one get away- it’s special!

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