Blue Lace Agate Bar

Blue Lace Agate Bar


This thick, chunky bar of blue lace agate is hand-polished by a retired dentist in Nebraska who carefully shapes each piece to reveal the maximum beauty of the stone. He has chosen to polish this piece in such a way that light shines through the clear layers, but the piece still feels dense and solid in the hand. This stone makes the PERFECT pocket stone for tough situations, high-impact conversations, family discussions, and similarly potent moments in life. Blue lace agate is known for:


-clear communication

-loving, supportive energy

-release of family conflicts

-opening of the throat chakra

-diplomacy and good manners

-making a strong but gentle impression

-reading between the lines

This piece can help you stabilize and finesse rocky situations or tension zones, plus when you hold it, you can really feel the difference between hand-polishing and machine-tumbling. It feels silky to the touch.

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