Bone Mother Witches' Retreat: Oct 19-21, 2018

Bone Mother Witches' Retreat: Oct 19-21, 2018

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Conjure wisdom from beyond the grave during this weekend of ancestral healing, divination, energy clearing, and personal myth-making.
Oct 19-21, 2018

Bring your black clothing and ancestral ways for a retreat dedicated to honoring the Bone Mother. She is found in the wisdom of your lineage, a walk through the cemetery at dusk, the brew in the cauldron, and stories told by the fire. Participants are encouraged to bring an ancestral item that will be part of the main altar for the weekend, as well as sturdy shoes for walking through a local cemetery. 

During this weekend retreat, participants will:

enjoy the beauty of the Shasta National Forest
visit a local cemetery and make offerings to the ancestors of the land
create an herbal brew to open the psychic senses
perform a divination for the witches' new year
meditate upon the season of death, and create a new personal mythos that will be incubated and birthed in the months following the retreat
speak these new myths into being during a fire ceremony
enjoy delicious, nourishing meals with respect for specific dietary needs
sip unlimited coffee, tea, and natural spring water

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Program Description

For over a decade, Yeshe Matthews has been leading retreats for large and small groups, helping people find or re-discover their connection to the Divine. During the Bone Mother Witches' Retreat, you will be supported in opening psychic gateways, communicating with ancestors, and connecting with the wisdom of the unseen world.

Halloween is known as the Witches' New Year. It is a time when the veils between the worlds are thin, when the dead whisper their secrets and stories in the ears of those who will listen. The creation of herbal brews, the telling of stories by the fire, and the act of making ceremonial offerings are all classic traditions that cross cultures and times in bringing people together to honor their dead.

This retreat is an opportunity to

  • prioritize self-care in a helpful, guilt-free setting
  • honor the wisdom of your lineages of blood and affinity
  • receive a potent, multi-layered personal divination
  • connect with your guides in the unseen world
  • shed the past like a serpent skin and create a new story of your life

Retreat Itinerary

3pm: arrive
6pm dinner
7:30pm creation of a sacred herbal brew for dreams and visions

9am breakfast
10am-1pm exercises in putting the past to rest and creating a new personal story
1pm lunch
2-5PM exercises in cultivating ancestral relationships and trance techniques
5pm visit local cemetery
6pm dinner
7:30pm divination ceremony

9am breakfast
10am-reflections and closing circle


This experience is limited to 8 attendees, to support the relaxing energy of the retreat. Single- and double-occupancy options are available, in a beautiful private setting with wifi (though we encourage you to turn your devices off during your stay) and other amenities.

Meals included in your retreat are:
Friday dinner
Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Sunday breakfast

Feel free to bring your own snacks as you wish, a kitchen will be available for your use.


Participants may choose to enhance their retreat with add-ons (cost extra):

  • massage
  • a soak at a local mineral spa
  • a private intuitive reading

Once we have received your registration, we will reach out to confirm any special dietary needs or amenities. For further questions, please email