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Into the Mystic

Yeshe Matthews has been a professional diviner and spiritual guide since 2003, and has performed over 10,000 readings. As a scholar of world religions, a seeker of mystic wisdom, and an oracle for the people, she is known worldwide for being direct, accurate, compassionate, and specific. Yeshe works with shamanic guides, ancestors, and the divine feminine to help you unlock the doors of life's opportunities. Her joy is to help her clients make good choices, find trustworthy companions, and access paths to happiness and success. She receives cosmic messages via tarot cards, Mongolian sheep bones, Tibetan dice, and her hereditary gifted intuition. She delivers her readings from the foot of Mt Shasta, an area known as the root chakra of the Earth, where she is Priestess of the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple.


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Curious but not committed?

Yeshe offers a Kuan Yin divination and meditation every weekday on Facebook Live, free of charge. Join in at 8:30am Pacific or watch the replay anytime, and see what you think.

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