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Into the Mystic

Yeshe Matthews has been a professional diviner and spiritual guide since 2003, performing over 10,000 readings. A scholar of world religions, a pathwalker of mystic wisdom, and an experienced oracle, she is sought internationally for direct, accurate, compassionate, and specific divinations.

Yeshe works with shamanic guides, ancestors, and goddesses to help you unlock life's opportunities. She assists her clients in making good choices, finding trustworthy companions, and accessing paths to happiness. She receives cosmic messages via tarot cards, Mongolian sheep bones, Tibetan dice, and her intuition. She delivers her readings from the foot of Mt Shasta, where she is Priestess of the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple.

Readings With Yeshe

Walk-In Readings at The Sacred Well are typically available on a first-come, first-served basis at the "Locals" rate of $2 per minute. For distance readings and guaranteed appointment times, please use the scheduler below. Let Yeshe know if you prefer in-person or video options, otherwise she will call you on the telephone.


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Curious but not committed?

Yeshe offers a Kuan Yin divination and meditation every weekday on Facebook Live, free of charge.
Join in at 10:30am Pacific or watch the replay anytime, and see what you think.


Testimonials About Yeshe

A few years ago I received my New Years card reading with Yeshe. Her insight was so helpful and reassuring. Later after much meditation, I understood how to apply her message and started to make my plans. I had been unsatisfied with the direction my life was going. I patiently worked toward my goal. It took a bit of planning, scheduling and saving to get there but I stuck it out. She was always available for a little encouragement. I can happily say that I accomplished my goal.
- Jennifer

“In order to gain wisdom, one must be willing to receive wisdom and help. I was going through a lot as an entrepreneur, sometimes the journey owning your own business feels so stressful and lonely. I was living in a lot of fear, I was afraid to get help because I know I had to look within for answers. I am glad I left my deceptive comfort zone and sought guidance from Yeshe. She was the first spiritual counselor I ever consulted outside of Bible studies. I was looking for a different perspective, and two years ago, I also lost my business partner to suicide and my father to cancer. I needed support and I am glad I reached out to Yeshe.

Either we isolate ourselves or we choose to seek guidance. Life's journey is filled with enlightenment opportunities, seeking spiritual guidance helps me to gain insights into what I need to change or just a reassurance that I am on the right path. It also help to know that someone else is praying for me, working with nature's elements to move through obstacles with me. We are all energy and we are all part of the Universe, having a more balanced connection with our life force sustains us.”