Quench Your Thirst at The Sacred Well

Help yourself to the best water on Earth at the free fountain right outside our front door,
or else try one of our all-natural hot drinks: $4.75
Your choice of dairy, coconut, or almond milk; honey or raw cane sugar available.


Mushroom Coffee & Chocolate

We serve nutritious, delicious coffee and cacao blended with mushrooms renowned for health, longevity, memory, mental acuity, and well-being. You can choose from a selection of possibilities for coffee, hot chocolate, or a mocha with lion’s mane (clarity), cordyceps (energy), reishi (serenity), and chaga (longevity). Mushroom coffee is known to give a gentle lift to your overall vitality and perkiness without becoming jittery or interfering with your natural need for sleep. Our mushroom-infused cacao is ethically sourced and free from additives.


We blend our own herbal teas in-house, with over 15 years of experience that can be tasted in our nourishing infusions. If you like, we can brew your tea using a no-waste muslin tea bag for $1.00, which you can take home and re-use. Free second steep! We offer personalized, custom blends.


You won’t miss the booze in our delicious hot toddies. Choose from Honey Lemon Ginger, Honey Chrysanthemum, Apple Spice, or Vegan Bouillion for a warm, flavorful cup of comfort. Not exactly a tea, not exactly a juice, not exactly a soup…it’s a toddy! Milk is not available with toddies.