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CircleSong with Copperwoman - June 14
7:00 PM19:00

CircleSong with Copperwoman - June 14

Friday June 14 at 7:00pm, join international adventurer-singer-songwriter Copperwoman for a night of CircleSong. What is CircleSong? All are invited to come together and feel our unity with each other and Spirit through Song.

Music IS the Medicine.

Come, bring yourself with you. Whether you think you can sing or were told to just "move your lips" in class when you were young, you can feel safe to open up in this Circle.

There will be songbooks with lyrics. The songs are simple and easily learned—collected circlesongs and many brought through by Copperwoman.

Feel the vibration raise and the prayers sent where they are needed in the universe as we sing together and feel the DIVINE in the silence that ensues.

Love makes the world go round. Come feel it!

$10-20 contribution requested.


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Sage Hands Integrative Healing Circle - June 8
10:00 AM10:00

Sage Hands Integrative Healing Circle - June 8

Christine Brusati, RMT, CMT will be leading a guided meditation using balanced breathing and the elements, a very easy and effective practice that can be done anywhere. It is helpful for working with one's own energy field, bringing an awareness to one's energetic connection to the Universe. An appropriate practice to do while living in or visiting Mt. Shasta - where Heaven and Earth meet!

Christine has been practicing for 14 years in the healing arts. She uses an integrative approach to being a partner in healing with her clients. Christine is a Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner (Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki and Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki®), Bodyworker, Energy Healer and Clarity Breathwork practitioner as well as an explorer of all things metaphysical. In addition, she also has specialized massage training working with medically compromised, chronically ill and end-of-life and those experiencing grief and loss. She holds an energetic space that opens her clients to the beauty of reconnection, balance, peace and relaxation. Christine lives in Mt. Shasta where she is surrounded by nature and the beautiful energies of the sacred mountain. Contact her via phone/text at415-699-7197 or check out for more information regarding her offerings.

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Tarot and the Taliswoman- Memorial Day Weekend
to May 26

Tarot and the Taliswoman- Memorial Day Weekend

Tarot and the Taliswoman is a weekend journey of creativity for a small group of women who are interested in expressing the divine feminine through goddess art, tarot, and 3-dimensional collage. For two beautiful days, your instructors Jessica and Yeshe will take you on an exploration of the Fool's Journey using the visual imagery of the Tarot deck.

In the mornings, we will practice the art of divination and cartomancy, listening to our intuition and connecting with our inner guidance. After a break for lunch, in the afternoons we will create intriguing blessing beads made of paper, silk, and wax adding intention, texture, and intrigue. Our assemblage will culminate in each woman constructing her own personal Taliswoman using a clay face, beads, jewelry findings, gemstones, and the Major Arcana of her own design.

Are you an Empress? A High Priestess? The Moon? Or is there an archetype you've been wanting to bring forth, such as The Gardener, The Mother of Wisdom, or some other unique expression? All supplies are provided, although you are invited to bring any special beads, baubles, or ribbon to attach to your 3-dimensional collage.

No art or divination experience is required. This workshop will be hosted by The Sacred Well, 5816 Dunsmuir Ave, Dunsmuir.

To register, please call The Sacred Well (530)500-5935, or click here.

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Invoking the Healer Within: Wesak Full Moon 5/18
8:30 AM08:30

Invoking the Healer Within: Wesak Full Moon 5/18

May 18 is the Scorpio Full Moon, and it is Wesak: the celebration of the birth, enlightenment, and death of the Buddha. With powerful planetary alignments taking place that day, Mount Shasta Astrologer Glenn Kaufmann (born on a New Moon in Scorpio) and Priestess Yeshe Matthews of the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple (born on a Full Moon in Scorpio) have prepared a powerful journey for an intimate group of individuals who are ready to step into their sacred roles as healers for the planet and the people thereof. Under this Full Moon, love and passion change everything, and the healing energy that is available during this time is life-changing. To become the healers we are meant to be is not only our birthright, it is our duty for the benefit of all beings.

The flow of the day:

8:30am: We will gather at 620 South Mt Shasta Boulevard in Mount Shasta, CA and begin our day with a sound bath and meditation during the inspirational and very significant Venus/Uranus conjunction at 9:00am, when the celestial energies will be perfect for receiving the touch of the divine.

10:00am: Glenn will offer a detailed look at the astrological potency of the day, the healing themes and opportunities we will be exploring, and how the activities of this day will repeat, and play out, over the next 7 years in our lives and around the planet.

11:00am-12:30pm: Break for lunch. Bring your own to enjoy in the garden or visit one of the many delicious local restaurants, most within walking distance.

1pm-2pm: Yeshe will offer an interactive presentation about several diverse Healer archetypes, discussing the skills, tools, and activities that are associated with each: the Midwife, the Energy Worker, the Counselor, the Shaman, the Doctor, and the Angel of Change.

2pm-4pm: The group will workshop our natal charts and discuss the ways in which our individual astrological and personal strengths might help determine what type of healer we were born to become. Planetary transits and triggers that activate the Healer in each of us, will be discussed for each of the workshop participants. During this lively session, participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences and discuss visions or intuitive information they have received that have influenced the type of Healer they wish to be, or the ways they want to expand their current offerings as a Healer.

4pm-5:30pm: There will be time for individuals in the group to offer energy trades, to practice deep listening skills, to offer one another brief divinations, and to test out their proficiency with several healing tools in a safe and exploratory space. During this time, Glenn and Yeshe will be available to offer one-on-one guidance and reflection to participants.

5:30pm-7pm: Break for dinner.

7:30pm-9pm: Glenn and Yeshe will host a Full Moon Fire Ceremony during which all participants can invoke and activate the Healer within, through ceremonial acknowledgments of our roles, activities, and unique gifts. Each attendee will be witnessed, and will witness others, in naming and claiming their unique path as a Healer, and will receive affirmation, initiation, and activation to prepare them for their newly-affirmed path as an agent of healing light.

Are you ready to become the Healer you were born to be? Are you ready to make a profound, and lasting change in your life path, that will deeply benefit yourself, and everyone you meet? If this retreat calls to you, please don't delay your registration, as space is limited.

$97 if you register before 5pm on Thursday, May 16th.
$124 after May 16th.

Visit this link: to register today! The first 7 registrants will receive a special crystal to charge during the workshop as a gift from the instructors.

Coming from out of town? Suggested lodging:

The Inn at Mount Shasta. (a 1 minute walk to the workshop location).
Cold Creek Inn (mention “Mount Shasta Astrologer and get a 15% savings, about a mile away.)

Glenn Kaufmann has served as the Vice-President of the Bay Area Chapter of NCGR, the National Council for Geocosmic Research and as a Steering Committee member, and Northern California Coordinator for AFAN, the Association for Astrological Networking. He is available by appointment for Astrology chart readings and consultations, relationship and compatibility comparisons, business assessment and event timing analysis. Those who have had Astrology Readings with Glenn attest to his uncanny predictions and intuition, his unparalleled and penetrating insights, and his witty and provocative “way with words”. Readings with Glenn clear up so many questions, boosting you to new levels of awareness and understanding. They reveal your strengths, your potentials, your weaknesses and your talents, and empower you to take command of your destiny, fortune and path to success.

Yeshe Matthews has been a professional diviner and spiritual guide since 2003, performing over 10,000 readings. A scholar of world religions, a seeker of mystic wisdom, and an oracle, she is sought internationally for direct, accurate, compassionate, and specific divinations. Yeshe works with shamanic guides, ancestors, and goddesses to help you unlock life's opportunities. She assists her clients in making good choices, finding trustworthy companions, and accessing paths to happiness. She receives cosmic messages via tarot cards, Mongolian sheep bones, Tibetan dice, and her intuition. She delivers her readings from the foot of Mt Shasta, where she is Priestess of the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple.

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New Year's Class
to Jan 1

New Year's Class

Put the old year to bed with compassion, and greet the new year with enthusiasm!

Online class: Dec 28, 2018-Jan 1, 2019
Cost: $10

The turn of the New Year offers us a calendar opportunity to reflect on our most recent trip around the sun. Let’s bring forward the wisdom of our lessons so that we can create a better year to come.

How has life treated you this year? Was this a year of achievement? A year of struggle? A little bit of both?  In this 5-day New Year Class, take just 5-10 minutes per day to let go of the past year and prepare yourself for whatever the year ahead might bring.

Personal success and greatness require effort, and obstacles are always possible. This class will prepare you to greet the opportunities and challenges of the new year alike with grace, strategy, and an open mind. In this class, we will look back and learn from the past year, identify goals for the coming year with clarity, and add a touch of creative wonder to the year ahead.

About the instructor: Yeshe Matthews is a scholar and mystic who follows where the muse calls her on a lifelong journey of learning and devotion. She shares what she learns via writings, classes, ceremonies, and consultations. Part historian, part inventor, part oracle, she helps people mindfully articulate their vital roles in our co-creative, collaborative reality.

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The Witch's Garden: Crystal Facial Tonic
7:00 PM19:00

The Witch's Garden: Crystal Facial Tonic

The Witch's Garden is a series of monthly classes offered by herbalist Yeshe Matthews. Tracing folklore, family recipes, and wisdom from those who came before us, this group takes on the responsibility of keeping the simple ways of natural healing alive. Together, we study, share, and craft recipes for tonics, liniments, teas, tinctures, and baths, among other, more esoteric methods. Our monthly gathering is an opportunity to learn new recipes and methods in a hands-on way, while communing with other Earth-lovers, herb gardeners, and self-healers. 

July 12, 7pm
This month's topic: Crystal Facial Tonic

During this hands-on class, each participant will make a cooling, soothing skincare spray using all-natural ingredients. These spritzes will help you get through the hot days and cool you off as you sit out on the sun-baked earth watching the night for shooting stars. Each spray will include crystal chips to help you bring the energies of the stones and their properties into your self-care routine.
Cost: $20 (includes gathering plus all materials)

Instructor: Yeshe Matthews has been a folk herbalist for over 20 years, beginning with a personal study of Culpepper's Complete Herbal, later becoming a student of Rosemary Gladstar. She has been a frequent teacher at the Northern California Women's Herbal Symposium, as well as offering her Witch's Garden classes for over a decade to students in the Bay Area.

Want to connect? Join our Facebook Group for recipes and light discussion.

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Making Magick: Candle Rituals
2:00 PM14:00

Making Magick: Candle Rituals

Making Magic is a monthly class at The Sacred Well about techniques, tools, and spiritual arts that can help you create change, manifest your goals, and secure psychic protection. Working from a variety of esoteric sources, instructor Yeshe Matthews offers tips on how to make your life more magical with ceremonies, altar workings, hands-on crafts, and other time-tested methods. 

June 17, 2pm
The month's topic: Candle Workings
. In this session, we will explore methods of working with different types of candles to protect, cleanse, manifest, and heal. From figure candles to glass novenas to beeswax, each type of candle has its own strengths. We will explore methods of candle burning to attract, dispel, and transform energies, and each participant will prepare a 7-day glass novena candle for a personal working.
Cost: $20 (includes class and all materials)

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