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The Art of Tarot - Sundays 10/20 - 11/24

  • The Sacred Well 5816 Dunsmuir Avenue Dunsmuir, CA, 96025 United States (map)

The Tarot is a wisdom language, a mystery teaching, and a portal to communication from the unseen realms. It is a tool for self-awareness as well as a method for making sense of events and circumstances in the world around us. It is both spiritual and secular, addressing multiple layers of our lives and affairs.

There is so much information out there about tarot, lots of great books, decks, websites, and resources. Fortunately, more and more people are growing interested in this form of narrative divination. But it takes a certain sacred approach to really be a reader. It’s not just about literary card meanings, occult symbolism, and cool spreads. It’s about listening, being willing to take a leap of faith, knowing the difference between your intuition and your fear, and caring about the story that is sitting in front of you waiting to be told. All of us can read books about tarot, or read card meanings in the pamphlets that come with our decks. But do you feel confident as a reader? Would you like to learn to be one, or to deepen your skills?

I have been a professional tarot reader since 2003, and in that time I have performed over 10,000 readings for clients from all over the world. I first offered readings on the phone, by word of mouth only, when I lived in Berkeley, CA. After about a year of that, I began inviting clients to come to my home for readings. Then, I moved into an office with two other people and read for clients there. Eventually, I opened my own shop, which is now in Dunsmuir, CA at the base of Mt Shasta. I’ve read in noisy bars at 3am, on subway trains for strangers, in coffee shops, at wedding and baby showers, and at peoples’ deathbeds. I still read for some of the same clients that have been with me since 2003, and I’ve met many, many wonderful people over a cup of tea and a tarot reading, each of whom holds a place in my heart.

I am a story-teller and a story-keeper. I am a reader. It is one skill that, like wine and cheese, gets better with age and experience. I’d like to host a next-level class for people who want to be readers, or who want to be better readers. Since the last time I taught this course, I’ve changed my life completely, lost a parent, and have been married for 6 years. I have more to offer than I did the last time I taught this, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with the right group of people. You know if it’s you: a hunger to feel, even for a moment, that thing you cannot ever fully comprehend, a fascination with the human condition, a deep love for helping, a willingness to look directly at all possibilities with candor, a big heart.

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In this series of 6 classes, I will help you build a strong bone structure as a reader. In each class, you will learn a unique tarot spread, as well as having a close look at one suit of the deck and its wisdom. Every class will feature exercises to strengthen both your intuition and your confidence, and will leave you with follow-up exercises to sharpen your abilities and understanding.

Oct. 20: Introduction to our class view of divination, building trust in our intuition, beginning to develop a relationship with your tarot deck (everyone will need their own deck of 78 standard cards)

Oct 27: The Major Arcana: the Fool’s Journey, readings for major transitions, readings that tell a story, readings that change your life

Nov 3: Suit of Swords: the problems that threaten to destabilize us, the powers of intellect and reason, how to help a suspicious, closed-off, or crying client, coping with our shadows in the cards

Nov 10: Suit of Wands: the challenges that help us to grow, the powers in the body and in the animal senses, how to build warmth and kindness into your readings without compromising your truth-telling

Nov 17: Suit of Cups: the worlds of emotion and dream, fine-tuning your ability to listen deeply, working with clients in matters of the heart, relationships, and family

Nov 24: Suit of Pentacles: glorious terra firma beneath us, the lessons of stability, gratitude, and patience, helping clients make good choices, and business ethics/best practices for readers

All classes will be from 4-6pm Pacific time.
Local students as well as distance students are welcome. All students will receive access to a recording of each class that they can download to watch whenever they wish.
Fee: $15 per class, or $75 for all 6 classes
Location: The Sacred Well, 5816 Dunsmuir Ave, Dunsmuir, CA. Giving us an RSVP would be helpful so that we can plan for chairs and tables. Call us at (530) 500-5935. If you are at a distance, please have your card ready to pay for your classes and give us your email address so I can invite you to the Zoom video conference.

Earlier Event: November 17
The Art of Tarot - Sundays 10/20 - 11/24