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13 Days of Ancestral Healing


All over the world, there are unique spiritual ways that people honor, consult, and heal their ancestors. Some practices focus on devotion, some focus on remembrance, and some on veneration. Many of us are familiar with the iconography, pageantry, and excitement that accompany ancestral celebrations of Dia de los Muertos, Egungun festivals, Samhain, and even homegrown family reunions. Lots of folks annually set up altars for their beloved dead. At certain times of the year, there are copious offerings and tokens placed at grave sites.

Yet our work with our ancestors is not complete with the practice of giving offerings or building altars. The deeper lineage work we need includes increased awareness of how our ancestors have invisibly influenced our lives, dreams, and ethics. We need to sift through layers of memories and muck, sometimes. We need to face hard truths about our families, sometimes. We need to see ourselves, not only as a result, but as a continuation or a stopping place for certain values and behaviors.

Are you feeling the need to gaze deeply into the dark mirror of your lineage and find the wisdom to help you move forward on your own path with mindfulness, reverence, and transformation? This 13-Day practice can help you do that.

When you sign up for this class, you will receive a daily email from Oct 21 until Nov 2, 2019. In each email, there will be a writing prompt, an assignment, or a technique to use as a way to examine your relationship to your ancestry. Some exercises will bring forth your reverence, others your critical thinking, and yet others will give you space to grieve for what has been lost in your family history. There will be a gamut of activities from reflection to feasting, as well as careful examination of how your ancestry has impacted your life.

You will have the option, as part of this class, to participate in a secret Facebook group where you can share the results of your explorations with others, but there is no pressure to participate if it doesn't feel right.

Are you ready to reach back through time to find out who your ancestors really were so that you can move forward in your own life with a greater sense of purpose and liberation? Sign up today, and let the healing begin.

About the Instructor: Yeshe Matthews is an historian, educator, and priestess with over a decade of experience leading circles and hosting annual ancestral ceremonies, vigils, and devotional practices. As a student and practitioner of many different spiritual traditions ranging from Buddhism to shamanism, she brings a spirit of inquiry, an uncompromising commitment to authenticity, and a sensitive approach to her work.

Questions? Please feel free to email for more information.

13 Days of Ancestral Healing Class
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