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Dreaming Priestess Convocation 2020

  • The Sacred Well 325 Lawndale Ct McCloud, CA (map)
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In ancient times, when our mother the Earth was held as sacred, and all who lived on her walked gently and spoke softly, we were all singers.  

We sang to greet Grandmother Sun and we sang songs of love to our sister the moon.  We sang in pure joy at the sight of a baby dolphin playing with her brothers and sisters and we sang in harmony with our sisters the birds.  

We sang with power to aid a sister in birth and we sang with gratitude for a new little one as she took her first breath.  

We sang to our crops and gave thanks for the abundance bestowed upon us with the sweetest tones of contentment.

We gathered for the hard times and mingled our voices with our tears when one too young had passed over, or a loved one had to leave us for a long period of time.  

Once, long ago, our voices healed as we sang over a sick one to help the Spirit and the body to renew, and we sang for the one who had lost her way and wandered in confusion and anger.  

Our voices soared free at the touch of a long awaited raindrop, or the meeting of a new love.  We sang alone, our prayers of love and gratitude and we sang together in the Temple, our joy at being one.

We are all singers, it matters not how we sing, just that we do.

Priestesses will be gathering in Crete from Oct 2-9, 2020, to experience a global convergence, the likes of which this land has not seen in 5000 years. From all over the world, priestesses and their companions and community members will gather to share wisdom, sisterhood, and to roll up our sleeves on behalf of Mother Earth and the MotherWorld.

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Please join the Northern California Dreaming Circle to help envision Convocation 2020 and bring it to life! For more info and recommendations about where to stay in the area, please contact (510)355-7912. Text receives fastest answers. Thank you!

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