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New Year's Class

Put the old year to bed with compassion, and greet the new year with enthusiasm!

Online class: Dec 28, 2018-Jan 1, 2019
Cost: $10

The turn of the New Year offers us a calendar opportunity to reflect on our most recent trip around the sun. Let’s bring forward the wisdom of our lessons so that we can create a better year to come.

How has life treated you this year? Was this a year of achievement? A year of struggle? A little bit of both?  In this 5-day New Year Class, take just 5-10 minutes per day to let go of the past year and prepare yourself for whatever the year ahead might bring.

Personal success and greatness require effort, and obstacles are always possible. This class will prepare you to greet the opportunities and challenges of the new year alike with grace, strategy, and an open mind. In this class, we will look back and learn from the past year, identify goals for the coming year with clarity, and add a touch of creative wonder to the year ahead.

About the instructor: Yeshe Matthews is a scholar and mystic who follows where the muse calls her on a lifelong journey of learning and devotion. She shares what she learns via writings, classes, ceremonies, and consultations. Part historian, part inventor, part oracle, she helps people mindfully articulate their vital roles in our co-creative, collaborative reality.