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13 Days of Ancestor Healing

Many of us are familiar with the iconography, pageantry, and excitement that accompany ancestral celebrations of Dia de los Muertos, Egungun festivals, and even homegrown family reunions. Lots of folks annually set up altars for their beloved dead. Are you feeling the need to gaze deeply into the dark mirror of your ancestral lineage and find the wisdom to help you move forward on your own path with mindfulness, reverence, and transformation? This 13-Day practice can help you do that.

When you sign up for this class, you will receive a daily email from Oct 21 until Nov 2, 2018. In each email, you will receive a writing prompt, an assignment, or a technique to use as a way to examine your relationship to your ancestry. Some exercises will bring forth your reverence, others your critical thinking, and yet others will give you space to grieve for what has been lost in your family history. There will be a gamut of activities from reflection to feasting, as well as careful examination of how your ancestry has impacted your life.