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Caitlin's Fossils
from 77.00

Hi Caitlin,

We selected two choices within your price range that we felt might make a nice statement in your office.

The pearlescent shell is a polished Ammonite, which has a natural rainbow sheen to it. Ammonite symbolizes the cosmic order of the universe, coming full circle, and positive transformation. More here. 

The starfish is a fantastic specimen- really well-preserved. Starfish is a symbol of letting go of the past or bad habits, rebirth, and regeneration. I found this interesting quote about starfish:

"In terms of healing, the starfish can be a grand ally in your journey of renewal. If you're struggling with emotional or health challenges...consider the power of the starfish. Consider Hermes' statement: "As above, so below" (and vice versa). If the starfish can heal and can we as humans. Our regeneration might look a little different. But, through neuro-network patterns(retraining pathways in the brain) we can certainly regenerate new avenues thought that facilitate healing."

I created some purchasing options for you. You had mentioned that your budget was around $120 for a special piece. Either of these on its own would be $98, but if you wanted to purchase both, we will gladly give you a discounted price of $175 for the set. No pressure, just wanted to make it available in case that appeals to you.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to hand-pick special items for you!


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Troy's Stones
from 26.00

Hi Troy,

We had such a great time shopping for you in Tucson! Here is a selection of stones for you. We have two choices each for the red jasper and the rose quartz, and three choices for the moonstone. I've uploaded photos here in order so you can comparison-shop. So, the first photo of a red jasper is red jasper #1 on the price list below, the second photo of a red jasper is red jasper #2, and so forth.

You are welcome to purchase any of these you wish. If you order over $100 worth of products at once, please use the code 100Club when you check out for free shipping!

If you have any questions, or if you're having a hard time making a decision and would like more photos, just let us know.

Happy shopping!

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