Woman Shaman Priestess

Woman Shaman Priestess

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The river of life is always changing. Mud on the banks gives way, pools deepen and flatten, stones tumble. Now a bend is straightened, and the water flows faster. Now a boulder moves one inch, resulting in a new splash pattern. Now a tree trunk falls across the span, creating a spontaneous dam.

Our ancestors worldwide had technologies for responding to change: meditations, visionary journeys, quests, and ceremonies. As above, so below. When there is unrest in our lives and world, there is unrest in the numinous realms. Where peace is possible in one world, there is peace possible in all worlds. Isn't this so plainly clear, yet how often do we turn away from its simplicity in favor of more convoluted ideas that vex us?

Today, many people hunger for greater intimacy with the natural world as a balm to their turbulent inner dialogue. We reach out for a variety of things, trying to quell the desire: food, sex, the phone, alcohol... None of these things will satisfy the yearning that can only be fulfilled when we can stand quietly, humbly barefoot, skin-to-skin with Mother Earth.

Instructor Yeshe Matthews has been one of these "hungry ghosts" searching through a hell of her own making for hollow comforts amidst the chaos, finding that nothing would help but spaciousness, the wildness of nature and a focus on freedom in her own soul. Have you been there? Are you fed up, exhausted, and hungry for peace? Are you ready to cultivate your female power in honor of the Earth?

Yeshe is offering Priestess training in 2018 for a special group of women who are ready to make a massive change in their lives, to listen their bodies, and to give 100% of their magic to spiritual wholeness.  You are invited to join this one-year program called "Woman*Shaman*Priestess."

The 12-month journey is the loving result of Yeshe's personal choice to flow like a river and change her own life dramatically, prioritizing her healing and the Earth's healing above everything else. It's potent and demanding, and you won't regret it.

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    With a Master's in Women's History, a spiritual focus on shamanic practices, and a deep connection to the natural world, Yeshe brings a decade of experience as a Priestess, 15 years as a professional diviner, and over 20 years of academic study of women's spirituality to her teaching. Yeshe has trained dozens of Priestesses to access their magical potential and create positive change via ancient and modern methods of inquiry, hands-on exercises, and ecstatic devotion. Dedicated, practical, and discerning, Yeshe prefers to work in small groups to activate female agents of change and help them focus their power.

    Yeshe welcomes you to this lastingly transformative work, if your spirit is calling for the specific kind of relief that only Earth mysteries can offer. Her own journey, that drove her deep into the forest and high up the mountain, has given Yeshe more than she could have ever imagined, even as it took away many things she thought she wanted, like hollow comforts. This is a path for the woman who has seen the bottom of her own soul, and who is ready to be reunited with her deep, innate personal knowing.

     Woman*Shaman*Priestess online training will feature:

    • an overview of core shamanic tools and techniques
    • historical information about shamanic practices and shamanistic cultures worldwide
    • specific focus on past and living lineages of female practitioners and female leadership
    • guided and independent opportunities to practice shamanic techniques
    • path workings and online ceremonies
    • weekly lessons from an animal elemental guide
    • herbal preparations and purification techniques
    • sacred songs
    • a private Facebook for inspirational shares
    • monthly video conference calls with the group
    • monthly one-on-one divinations with Yeshe
    • an optional retreat in Mt. Shasta

    During the course of this Priestess training, you will unpack your lineage, connect with your ancestors, create habits of reverence for your own sacred body and the Earth,learn to listen to your animal knowing, and cultivate life force to benefit yourself and the planet.

    There are a limited number of seats in this nourishing grove, to best maintain a state of serenity for all participants. Please, if this calls to you, reserve your spot today. 

    There will be an opening video conference on January 7, 2018, and the first assignment will arrive on January 8. 

    When you sign up for Woman*Shaman*Priestess, be prepared to choose the animal/elemental path that calls to you. This path will be your main focus for the year ahead. Choose one of the following:

    • Way of the Spider, element of Air: whispering to spirits, mind training, web-weaving, cultivation of the powers of attraction.
    • Way of the Wolf, element of Fire: protection, hearth sorcery, directness, cultivation of the powers of courage.  
    • Way of the Otter, element of Water: midwifing change, playfulness, spontaneity, cultivation of the powers of nurturance.
    • Way of the Rabbit, element of Earth: abundance, community service, nourishment for soul, cultivation of the powers of truth.
    • Way of the Deer, the union of all elements: female leadership, solitude, motherhood, cultivation of the power to walk between the worlds.