DIY Dance of Kali Class

DIY Dance of Kali Class


Do anger, resentment, injustice, or past traumas threaten to block you, make you feel powerless, or prevent you from achieving your goals and finding happiness? Do negative memories linger in your mind and cause you pain? Are you plagued with fear, grief, or depression? Now is the time for relief. Goddess Kali can help you.

In the bleakest hours of our lives, we can find comfort, transformation, and strength by placing ourselves at the feet of Goddess Kali. Arguably one of the fiercest faces of the Great Mother, she guides us as we navigate the inner darkness, ripping off the inessential layers of our stories and revealing the pearls of wisdom that emerge from our wounded, aggravated hearts.

Despite her ferocious appearance, her devotees find the greatest tenderness when they allow themselves to surrender to her completely, becoming her children and accepting the “grace and mercy in her wild hair” described by wisdom poet Ramprasad Sen in the 18th century.

How willing are you to part with your pain, and everything it means to you? It means daring to become someone new. Join the Dance of Kali and taste what it’s like to be reborn as a child of the Great Mother.

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