DIY Brigid's Bard Poetry Class

DIY Brigid's Bard Poetry Class


The Celtic mother of the forge, guardian of sacred waters, and patron of healing calls us to poetically reflect upon the ways in which our lives have been shaped by our trials of fire, the wisdom we have gained when plunged into circumstances beyond our control, and the healing and gratitude we have found on life’s journeys. This DIY class, in honor of the goddess Brigid, features prompts for creative writing and ritual activities, including:

reflecting about circumstances that have helped you grow

lighting a candle and honoring the trials by fire that you have endured

performing a ritual washing and receiving the wisdom of water

brewing a special tea to drink in the healing power of Brigid

writing three unique magical poems about your journey of life

Let the healing well of inspiration help you reflect on your life journey with these simple, powerful exercises and personal rituals.

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