Caitlin's Fossils

Caitlin's Fossils

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Hi Caitlin,

We selected two choices within your price range that we felt might make a nice statement in your office.

The pearlescent shell is a polished Ammonite, which has a natural rainbow sheen to it. Ammonite symbolizes the cosmic order of the universe, coming full circle, and positive transformation. More here. 

The starfish is a fantastic specimen- really well-preserved. Starfish is a symbol of letting go of the past or bad habits, rebirth, and regeneration. I found this interesting quote about starfish:

"In terms of healing, the starfish can be a grand ally in your journey of renewal. If you're struggling with emotional or health challenges...consider the power of the starfish. Consider Hermes' statement: "As above, so below" (and vice versa). If the starfish can heal and can we as humans. Our regeneration might look a little different. But, through neuro-network patterns(retraining pathways in the brain) we can certainly regenerate new avenues thought that facilitate healing."

I created some purchasing options for you. You had mentioned that your budget was around $120 for a special piece. Either of these on its own would be $98, but if you wanted to purchase both, we will gladly give you a discounted price of $175 for the set. No pressure, just wanted to make it available in case that appeals to you.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to hand-pick special items for you!


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