Light it Up

It's OK to get a little help with life's ups and downs. At The Sacred Well, we are dedicated to supporting your joy, protection, and well-being. We burn candles for love, money and career, protection, healing, and inner peace. Whether you need a 1-day candle quick burst, a 7-day candle petition service, or a series of 7-day services over several months, we will work with you to create powerful intentions and successful outcomes. Let's light up your life together.


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Candle Service
from 9.00

When you need extra energy, protection, or positive intervention, The Sacred Well will set a candle to burn on our altar for you so that you can relax and let magic do its thing.

When you add this service to your shopping cart, you will be invited to send us a message about your needs and intentions for your candle. Once you check out, we will set the light and burn the midnight oil for you, so you can enjoy peace of mind as the candle works on your goal.

What's included in your candle service?

a candle consecrated to your needs
a beautiful altar suited to your petition
personal attention and prayer
a photo of your candle emailed to you during the burn
a divination and further guidance based on the outcome of your candle, emailed to you when it is complete.

Whether you need a candle to be burned for love, healing, career, money, good vibes, protection, turning back negativity, resolution of issues, peace, or relief from torment, The Sacred Well is here to help. You can choose from a variety of different options:

a 1-day candle for a quick burst of energy
a 7-day candle for sustained energy
a 7-day candle burned each week or month for 3, 6, or 12 weeks or months to help you achieve lasting success with your intention. If you choose this option, you can have all of your lights set with a single goal in mind, or you can send us a fresh intention for each week or month.

Let us help you make your goals come to life with support and grace when you sign up for this personal, dedicated sacred service. We have been practicing this type of candle magic for over a decade with hundreds of customers, and we will work to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

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