Following Our Bliss

Image of the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, UK

Image of the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, UK

Quietly, reverently, open the wooden gate and walk along the cobbled stone, past the lush flower gardens buzzing with fat bees, past the silent pilgrims wading in the shallow, slippery healing pool, past the lion's head spout pouring out holy water, tinged red with iron, like blood from the heart of the Earth. When you reach the round portal with its iconic lid propped open and dressed with flowers, gaze into the sacred well as time stops. Flashing through layers upon layers of illuminating awareness, each second of looking into this dark water of truth feels like forever. Something touches the nameless within you. Breathe. Rest your mind. Find stillness here. 

Surrender to this indigo depth, and know thyself.

Image of Yeshe and Albert kissing as orbs of light dance around them.

Image of Yeshe and Albert kissing as orbs of light dance around them.


Since 2006, we've followed our dreams, starting out as a small private practice in a Berkeley office, growing over a decade into a booming retail shop in Oakland, then a second shop in Portland. 

Then we heard the call of the mountains. We are now based exclusively in the Mt Shasta area, with the beauty of nature all around, and the excitement of thousands of annual spiritual pilgrims. We thrive when we are exploring the world and making connections with fellow mystic travelers, and we bring that spirit to our work with you through products you won’t find anywhere else, world-class readings, and spiritual travel opportunities.

Avalon (also known as Glastonbury), where The Chalice Well pictured above is found, is connected to Mt Shasta via ley lines. Avalon and Mt Shasta are among the Earth's chakras. Many people make pilgrimages to both places for healing. In our case, our pilgrimage to Avalon followed by a trip to Mt Shasta brought us home. Both Avalon and Mt Shasta are located upon red and white sacred holy springs (iron-rich, and silica-rich) that flow side by side from the body of the Earth, representing the divine union of wisdom and compassion. We feel blessed by the energetic connection of these sacred holy wells to one another and for the well-being of the planet. 

Our shop at 5816 Dunsmuir Ave in Dunsmuir, CA, specializes in:

  • skillful, experienced, and caring intuitive readings

  • mystery school classes and spiritual retreats to help you access the magic within

  • ethically-sourced crystals from small family mines

  • beautiful jewelry

  • luscious, handmade perfumes and self-care products

  • herbal remedies for healing

We roll out new products, classes, and services as creativity moves us and new ideas manifest. Follow our Instagram or sign up for our newsletter below to keep track of our latest online sales, pop-up shops, classes, readings, and events. Thank you for being part of The Sacred Well journey.