Wellness Salon : Food, Emotions & the Body/Soul Connection

  • The Sacred Well 536 Grand Avenue Oakland, CA, 94610 United States

with Tiziana Alipo Tamborra

4th Wednesday of each month
7.00p ~ 8.00p

FREE • donations gratefully accepted

LIVE broadcast on Periscope

In a time where we have so much knowledge available and so many different options in regards to health and nutrition, I feel it’s important to return to the basic principles of food, it’s energy, how our body connects with emotions, how each organ is directly correlated with a specific emotional states; the Soul speaks to us through emotions and feelings, are we listening? My goal is to provide basic simple tools for each one of us to use in the great discovery and creation of our own diet! Become your own scientist in creating your own unique harmony by integrating all that we are as human beings.

Tiziana Alipo Tamborra SEP is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, macrobiotic counselor, Raw Food author and Diagnostic Divination practitioner.

For nearly 25 years her passion has carried her through the study and practice of different healing modalities. It started with macrobiotic principles and cooking back in Italy all the way to Raw Food.  A great journey of discovery and renewed visions that opened up a curiosity for more tools and ways to create balance. Being a person that likes to connect to life through the senses, finding the practice of Somatic Experiencing was a natural step from working with food. It gave her an understanding of the body, mind connection as a whole and greatly helped her develop her own intuition. Emotions and experiences have a great impact on our physiology and the release of emotional states by engaging our body will always benefit our physical health.  Diagnostic Divination and Tarot reading, was an unexpected tool that she took on based in curiosity only.  She had no idea it would become a compass to guide, reveal and lead toward new paths and possibilities of emotional and spiritual clarity.

Tiziana currently has her own practice in Oakland, CA, integrating SE (Somatic Experiencing), fundamentals of nutritions based on macrobiotic principles and raw food, and Diagnostic Divination with Tarot and Archetypes.