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Energy Healing Salon

  • The Sacred Well 536 Grand Avenue Oakland, CA, 94610 United States (map)

Vortex Group Healing 
with Dragonfly

Friday • Nov 17
7.00p ~ 8.30p

FREE • donations gratefully accepted

Dragonfly will be teaching a healing tool to work with Angels. This tool will help you to tune in to the Angelic realm in a deeper way.

There are two ways to use this tool. Healing for yourself and healing on others. This angel energy can also be sent to someone at a distance. Come step into your role as a lightworker, help facilitate the evolution and spiritual awakening of humanity.

This healing tool comes with a healing transmission to help accelerate your energy system and consciousness. It is infused with pure Angelic energy and will assist you in your daily life.  

Angels are created solely to serve the Divine and are empowered by the Divine to work directly in the manifest world. Angels come to deliver messages and guidance, act as protectors, to bring hope, to strengthen and support us. For the session, we establish a clear intention in our hearts, open a passageway to transformation and release that which no longer serves.

"Universal Love commands attention. It is needed to bridge the gaps. It is needed to unite humankind. It draws us together in strength. It is waiting to be shared freely without holding back. Universal Love radiates warmth. It touches the Soul. It frees the Mind. Please share it freely."
~A message from the Angels

Dragonfly will also present a brief introduction and open talk about VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing and share some of the wonderful benefits of energy healing and how it can better your daily life. He will also share on the VortexHealing® Classes in Berkeley taught by Gailynn Carroll, one of the VortexHealing Teachers.

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