My name is Traci Goodrich and I have been an apprentice of the tarot for more than 20 years. Drawn to the tarot since childhood, I purchased my first deck and a book about “fortune-telling” from a small bookshop in Downeast Maine. I spent years devouring every book I could find on the topic of tarot plying my craft in secret before I practiced on anyone other than myself.

At the age of 20, I moved to New Orleans by myself with a backpack, a tarot deck, and $100 in my pocket. This move was life-changing for me, as it was my first experience seeing professional tarot readers and psychics at work “outside of the box” of a metaphysical shop or country fair ground. I saw tarot readers plying their craft in coffee shops and in the streets. It completely blew my mind and I knew I was going to one day be a professional tarot reader.

I moved to Portland, Oregon in 1998 and made it my home. In Portland, I finally came out of the tarot closet and into my own as a professional reader. I started as a serious tarot hobbyist getting paid to read tarot at bachelorette parties and street fairs and moved on to do tarot readings in public locations hand-selecting area businesses I enjoyed going to and where I had established friendly community connections.

~Traci offers the following services at The Sacred Well shop in Portland~

Intuitive Tarot
Traci uses a combination of methods to interpret the cards based on the belief in free will. Tarot readings with Traci are a collaborative process; if you are willing, she can be used as a vehicle to help in any situation. People describe Traci as positive and pragmatic, and a dash of the unknown accompanies every tarot reading with her. Traci has been reading tarot cards since childhood.

30-Minute Session - $60
60-Minute Session - $100