Terrance is a Bay Area native who moved to the Portland area to begin life anew. Previously a customer of the Sacred Well in Oakland, he was elated to discover the plans to open a second location in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. Now a member of the Sacred Well family, he assists with sales and helps organize events and art shows for the Portland location. 

A lifelong painter working with water color, acrylic and oil, Terrance enjoys creating devotional artwork that honors the many facets of divinity. He was raised in a spiritually supportive family that nourished his growing interest in paganism during his youth when, having inherited his grandmother's books on witchcraft, he began his journey and has endured as an eclectic solitary Witch. 

Terrance is a priest in the Temple of Hecate, Queen of the Crossroads and is the lead clergy of the Portland Temple of Dionysus. He is also the founder and organizer of The Sacred Well Portland store's youth program Spellwood Academy. 

If you'd like to apply to offer an event or art show at The Sacred Well - Portland, please get in touch with Terrance via our Contact form.