Raised in a freeform pagan, hippie community in Northern California, Rowan’s ideologies are grounded in Zen Buddhism and reverence for the earth. Growing up as she did among hippies, wild witches, artists, and creative types has given Rowan a wide variety of perspectives and experiences to draw from as she helps you find your way through life’s inevitable twists and turns. She brings this compassionate understanding and 10 years of experience as a reader to her intuitive tarot practice, as well as 5 years of tarot study with Rabbit’s Art of Tarot series.

Rowan is also an ordained High Priestess in CAYA Coven and a trained artist; you can see some of her artwork and writing at jennybach arts. Her current project is Love Notes to the World, a collaborative art piece to "weave" the world together with yarn and loving intentions. You can find out more at www.lovenotestotheworld.com and on Facebook.

~Rowan offers the following services via Distance on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and at The Sacred Well Portland when she is in town~

Intuitive Tarot
Rowan’s readings are down-to-Earth, kind, clear, and helpful. She sees each session as a co-creative act between herself, the client, and the Universe, and she strives to put things into perspective in the most useful and applicable way possible.

Intuitive Tarot Session - 30 Minutes - $60
Intuitive Tarot Session - 60 Minutes - $100