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Readings and Services

The Sacred Well proudly hosts a compassionate team of intuitive readers in our Oakland shop. Whether you’re looking for a tarot reading with Rabbit or Iris, an astrology reading with astrobarry, or another of our specialized readings or services, we thrive on helping you find greater insight into your life. We are committed to providing you a supportive, non-judgmental experience, whether you're a beginner or an experienced spiritual practitioner.

To schedule an in-person or phone consultation with one of our readers, please call 510-444-9355.


Available by appointment only.
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60 minutes $125 Intuitive Tarot
Rabbit's intuitive tarot readings are wise, witty, accurate and specific, helping you make your way through the maze of life lessons, love, financial prosperity, career, health and personal development. Rabbit's philosophy is that every moment is ripe with a lesson of personal growth. The Tarot cards offer messages, timelines, and guidance that Rabbit helps you meaningfully weave into the larger story of your life. Above and beyond the who, what, when, where, and how, she will help you uncover the WHY of life events and map the best path to a happier, more successful future. Past-life readings are also available in Rabbit's Tarot sessions.

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Single session $125, monthly retainer $500 Right Livelihood

This 60-minute session is a deeply personal assessment of your psychic attitudes toward work, abundance, prosperity, deserving, manifestation, and achievement. Using her intuition, Rabbit opens up the specific issues that affect your ability to do what you love and love what you do. To you, this session will feel like the marriage of an interview and a reading: she asks you questions, takes notes, offers questions, analysis and guidance. Below the surface, she is peeling back the layers of resistance and/or confusion that have accumulated to block you from moving forward with joy toward greater success in your career field. Work should not be separate from your happiness: in order for you to lead an integrated life it is best if they are in alignment. Rabbit can help you create that alignment by offering practical and magical advice during your session.

Please bring a copy of your resume, business plan, or a list of your creative goals to this session for Rabbit's magical use afterwards. You will not get these papers back, so please bring copies, not originals.

After your initial Right Livelihood Consultation, you may set up further Right Livelihood Sessions as needed or desired. These sessions might be a continuation of the work you began in your first session, or you might move on to address other topics and goals, such as:

Bringing Yourself to the Table: strategies for being whole, calm, and self-confident exactly as you are during interviews, negotiations, meetings, and other business interactions. Who are you? Who do you want to be? How do you want to present your best self? Are you representing yourself and your needs clearly? How can you become a more effective manager, employee, co-worker, or other leader in your field by living your truth more fully?

Spreading the Word: techniques for stimulating, successful, and respectable marketing strategies. Are you having a hard time getting folks in the door? Where are your hidden resistances and fears blocking you? How can you market your business and/or services to an appreciative clientele in a way that feels authentic to you? How can you engage your Higher Self in helping with your outreach plan?

The Business Plan: (may involve several sessions) It's time for you to create your personal venture as an artist, healer, or other spiritual entrepreneur. How will you go about the visioning process with love, sustainability, and attention to all the details that will render your business successful? How can you enlist spiritual allies to help you succeed, and how can you generate success with your will?

60 minutes $125, package of 5 sessions $500 Spiritual Mentoring
Rabbit has been training, coaching, and instructing Interfaith Priest/esses, witches, magical folk, and diverse spiritual practitioners for over a decade. More importantly, she has been walking her own unique path of magical growth and development for much longer than that. She knows that sometimes you donít need a reading, a guru, a class, or religious dogma. Instead, you seek some refreshment along your path, new perspectives, and supportive guidance.

As a Spiritual Mentor, Rabbit engages her training and study in witchcraft, shamanism, New Thought, Reiki, Buddhism, and Goddess Spirituality. She serves as a friendly guide, sounding board, truth-teller, personal ally, perceptive mirror, and agent of the Divine. She honors your existing wisdom and helps you clarify intentions, unveil hidden motivations, bring forth deep revelations, embrace innovative practices, and re-cast familiar patterns, investing them with new life, meaning and energy. Her questions and advice are direct, intimate, and provocative when necessary, but she also knows when to offer you gentle, warm, compassionate space for your personal process.

Spiritual Mentoring with Rabbit is ideal for clients dealing with bereavement, major life transitions, self-esteem issues, obstacles to trust and self-expression in relationships, career transformations, family issues, or personal crisis of faith or practice. Suitable for beginning-to-advanced practitioners and students of lifeís mysteries.


Available by appointment only.
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60 minutes $180 / 90 minute Relationship Session $240 Astrology
Astrobarry’s goal is to help you achieve better insight into yourself and your current life situation, so you can make decisions more consciously. For your consultation, astrobarry uses specific details of your birth—date, place, and exact time—to calculate your birthchart, a basic blueprint of to your personality. Then he looks at the planets’ current and upcoming positions to see what's currently going on with you now and in the future. Astrobarry combines extensive knowledge, experience and intuition in interpreting what he sees in your chart, and communicates his observations in clear, concise terms

irisIris RedRaven

Available by appointment only.

30 minutes $60 / 60 minutes $100 Intuitive Tarot
Iris RedRaven has been studying tarot for 15 years, having first learned the art from her mother. As a hereditary psychic, she offers kind, specific guidance based upon your core issues. Iris will offer you a deeper clarity about your motivations and potential, and will help you better understand the life transitions you are experiencing.

Iris is happy to share her intuitive gifts with you, and to shed light on your path with her cards, her cheerful disposition, and her concise, thoughtful advice.

FakayodeIyanifa Fakayode

Available by advance appointment on Thursdays from 5:00pm till 8:00pm

60 minutes $101 / 90 minutes $151 Ifa Divination
Iyanifa Fakayode is a priest of Ifa and of Obatala, Chief of the White Cloth. She has practiced and studied the Orisha tradition for over 21 years and has been diving for the public for over 17 years. Fakayode is adept in several forms of Ifa divination including Four Cowry divination, Sixteen Cowry divination (Merindinlogun), and Obi Obata.

She is a student of Dafa, the divination system that is used by Ifa initiates. As a student of Ifa and of the Orisha tradition, Fakayode shares her learnings and the teachings of Ifa widely. Her primary focus is on communicating the messages of spirit and the teachings of the elders and ancestors.