Quetzal Kahlo is a curandera, Tarot reader, herbalist, oracle, medium, artist, dancer, musician, designer, and scientist.  She has been a witch all her life, having inherited curanderismo through her paternal great great grandmother and great aunt. She has been formally studying Neo Pagan Polytheism for about 5 years and is a High Priestess in Come As You Are Pagan Congregation in the Bay Area, CA.  She is also Initiate of the Ifa tradition under Iyanifa Ifalade Ta’Shia Ashanti of Ile Ori Ogbe Egun.

Quetzal lives Love.  Her priestess title is “Priestess of Perpetual Love” because she has the gift of adoring the Universe.  She falls in love way too many times per day, and passes on her adoration for the world to all those that surround her.  She believes Love is the fifth dimension and is constantly trying to figure out how to scientifically prove this with complex theorems best described by paintings, dance moves, and songs.  

When she is not priestessing at the various Temple services she is involved with, or working at The Sacred Well, she can be found hiking in the mountains, playing in rivers, or wandering the deserts with her beloved husband and their faithful hound...or gardening and relaxing at home with their 4 cats.  

Quetzal tambien HABLA ESPAÑOL. Si necesitas ayuda espiritual o necesitas respuestas a preguntas de tu vida, Quetzal esta aqui para servirte.  

~Quetzal offers the following services at The Sacred Well in Oakland~

Intuitive Tarot
Using meditation techniques and a deep connection with Divinity, Quetzal helps clients see the whole picture of what might be troubling them.  She taps into the quantum sea and helps unearth the root of where concerns lie.  A reading with her is like being hugged by the Universe, as she helps her clients see the beautiful spirits that they are.

Tarot Intuitivo
Usando tecnicas de meditación y una profunda conección con la Divinidad, Quetzal ayuda a sus clientes a ver el ecenario completo acerca sus problemas.   Ella se conecta al Mar Quantico y los Archivos Akashicos para sacar a la luz la raiz de los problemas.   Una lectura con ella es como un abrazo del Universo, y ella les ayuda a sus clientes a darse cuenta que son seres preciosos. 

60 minute session: $100
30 minute session: $60