My name is Notable. I am a humble servant and a warm-hearted, empathic Diviner/Priest. My family came from the South. I was raised in the North, and our bloodline can be traced back to Cameroon/Congo. I have the ability to connect with your spirit and give you the guidance that you need with any subject.

Nine years ago I became an initiate of a powerful group of healers and diviners from the African continent. Our practice is connected to the ocean.  I offer modern African-style tarot, as well as traditional African divination with a twist, including the pendulum, shells and with my mind's direct connection to Divine Mind. Born with intuitive abilities, it took years and many different events for me to grasp the fact that I am a Diviner/Priest, that I was chosen and called to do this. Trust me, I didn't ask for this, but now I embrace the spiritual side of my life, and it is a strong part of my life.  Things happen for a reason. As you read about me here, maybe you will realize that you were sent to me for a message. I won't let you down. We will divine the truth because the truth shall make your soul free. Let my voice soothe your soul.

~Notable offers the following services at The Sacred Well shop in Oakland~

Intuitive Divination

30 min $60
1 hour $100

To book a reading with Notable, please call 510-444-9355  to find about about his availability.